In his blog, my professor of Critical Contemporary Issues, Dr. Tim white, writes, “The problem is that Evangelical Catholics use the vocabulary of Scripture but a different dictionary.” This reminds me of one of my undergrad lectures on the definition of neo-orthodoxy–using same orthodox vocabulary but giving it “a different dictionary.”

I have many relatives who are devout Catholics. I have preached the gospel to them as plainly as I could. Many gave assent to it but still they remain Catholics.

A chapel speaker reminded us the other day that when talking with our Catholic friends and loved ones that we ought to explain that Jesus Christ is not angry at them. This was a new revelation to me because I have preached “God is angry at the wicked everyday…” as the Psalmist declares. What the speaker intended was that Christ is the satisfactory appeasement, the atonement that satisfies God’s wrath fully and completely for those who would believe in Jesus. He mentioned that Catholics are brainwashed to believe that Jesus is angry so that they would thrust themselves at the bosom of Mary His mother. So the truth that Jesus Christ isn’t angry with them breaks them free from embracing Mariolatry. But that’s another issue that makes Catholics non-evangelical Christians, isn’t it?