What are some obvious ministry deficiencies among many traditional theologically conservative churches? 

One of the obvious ministry deficiencies that I see in many traditional theologically conservative churches is the ministry to the widows and orphans.  James 1:27 specifically mentions the care of widows and orphans, at least to visit them.  In any given population, where there are those whom no relatives care about, the church of Christ should step in and minister.  When was the last we targeted to visit just widows and orphans?  I don’t hear a lot about teaching and training our deacons in the widows ministry, does anybody?

Another area that we are deficient is in older members teaching the younger members.  Titus 2:2-5 talks about aged men and aged women… taking alongside them younger men and women respectively and mentoring them.  Perhaps a “good” excuse is that younger generation today is rebellious and “knows more” than the previous generation.

What do you suggest as possible ways to revitalize such ministries (if in fact you believe changes need to be made) for 21st century effectiveness?

To revitalize such ministries, a proper ecclesiology must be inculcated periodically beginning with the senior pastor to the ministry teams down to the last member of the local church.

What are some of the most difficult challenges for the Church in today’s setting?

Some of the most difficult challenges for the Church in today’s setting are: 1) hate speech legislation, 2) homosexual agenda, 3) ever increasing government control of private properties to include bible colleges and church properties, 4) ecumenical pressures from within protestantism, 5) privatization of religion, 6) secularization of everything in society and 7) contemporary tolerance.