“Gravity always wins,” said the Black Hats.  “Perform a PLF and you’ll be good to go!”  I took a good beating today.  Phew!  The Swing Landing Trainer (SLT) is brutal.  Gravity always wins.  Well, except when a supernatural event occurs, like a wind that catches you and pushes you up defying gravity.  That didn’t happen today, though.  Nonetheless, the strength and endurance God gave was sufficient for the day.  I think I pulled a muscle in my right shoulder.  I jolted my head back probably on 6 out of 9 jumps I did.  So my neck took a lot of beating as well.  I will sleep soundly tonight.  I hope.

Swing Landing Trainer [from Ron Mattocks http://vimeo.com/29757237%5D
SLT consists of jumping off a 12-foot platform.  Jumpers are suspended, of course, with a harness and risers attached to a simulated chute.  As the jumper swings, the Black Hat then pulls the bolt that suspends the harness as the jumper performs the proper PLF.  If you don’t get it, then just think it hurts.