Question: Will the Spirit of God ever leave a believer? Explain your answer.

Answer: No, there is no indication that Spirit of God will ever leave a believer in this age because of the following two key passages from Scripture.  First, “if the Spirit leaves sinning Christians, then they are no longer Christians according to Romans 8:9. The Spirit cannot leave a believer without throwing that believer back into a lost, unsaved condition. Disindwelling has to mean loss of salvation, and loss of salvation must include disindwelling. The security of the believer and the permanent indwelling of the Spirit are inseparable doctrines” (Basic Theology, 410).

Second, “we also have the positive promise of the Savior that He would pray to the Father who would give another Helper in order “that He may be with you forever” (John 14:16). To be sure, sin affects the effectiveness of the Spirit in the believer’s life, but it does not remove His presence from believers” (Ibid).


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