Question #43: Scripturally prove that Christ was virgin born.

Luke the physician records the virgin birth of Christ.
Luke the physician records the virgin birth of Christ.

Answer: Written by a physician, Lk 1:35 states that “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee [Mary], and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.”  “There was no human father and therefore these was the omission of coitus relation yet there was real parthenogenesis.  This was a miracle.  No one can explain the miracle but the Lord’s people believe in the miracle.  Neither did Mary understand the how of it (v. 34) but she believed the fact of it (v. 38) and experienced the result of it (Lk 2:21, Mt 1:18).  Her only question was the how of it but not the fact of it.”1

Other Scripture passages to consider: 1) Gen 3:15 cf. Lk 1:55, the evangelical promise from the seed of the woman instead that of a man, 2) Isa 7:14, an intimation and a clear prophecy of the virgin birth, 3) Mt 1:16-25, Lk 1:27, 34, Mary became pregnant before any connubial relations with Joseph.


1 Hoyle Bowman, “An Outline of Christology” Lecture Notes (Winston-Salem, NC: Piedmont Baptist Graduate School, 2011), 7.


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