Question #55: Since Christ is the God-man, how can He know of His coming and yet not know when He is coming back to earth? Utilize Mt. 24:36; Mk. 13:32.

Answer: Christ’s limited knowledge is to be attributed to His human nature, not to His divine nature.  As for His knowing of His second advent, it is to be attributed to His divine nature.  Mccune notes Strong as saying, “The attributes of the divine nature are imparted to the human without passing over into its existence, so that the human Christ even on earth had power to be, to know, to do, as God.”1

To those who would accuse Christ of having dual personality, Walvoord appropriately responds: “Though Christ sometimes operated in the sphere of His humanity and in other cases in the sphere of His deity, in all cases what He did and what He was could be attributed to His one person. Even though it is evident that there were two natures in Christ, He is never considered a dual personality. The normal pronouns such as I, Thou and He are used of Him frequently.”2


1 McCune, A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity, Vol 2, 144.

2 John F. Walvoord, Jesus Christ Our Lord (Chicago, IL: JFW Publishing/Galaxie Software, 2008), 112.


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