Question #61: Briefly discuss substitution in the New Testament utilizing anti and huper.

Answer: Substitution is the Biblical doctrine of Christ suffering in the sinner’s place.  Two Greek words, anti and huper, are both translated “for” in the English Bible (e.g., Mt 20:28 [anti] and Jn 6:51 [huper]).

"to give His life a ransom for many."
“to give His life a ransom for (anti) many.”

More specifically, however, anti means “in place of” or “in stead of.”  Huper has a two-fold meaning:

1) benefit, that is, non-substitutionary and




"for (huper) the life of the world."
“for (huper) the life of the world.”

2) in the place of, that is, substitutionary.  (But isn’t substitutionary itself technically a benefit for the sinner?  I don’t see why there should be a dichotomy.)



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